Moving Mountains Resources

Moving Mountains Transparency

The essence of Moving Mountains is local churches planning and doing local mission. The events and style of the mission are decided at local church and area level.

Two booklets of guidelines are now available – these are the best place to start. Copies have been sent to all clergy and they are available to download from this page.

We recommend that a small group of volunteers make an early start by:

  • identifying existing events that might form part of the mission, perhaps by planning ahead and adjusting dates,
  • thinking about one or two possible new/one-off events.

There are plenty of ideas in the second Guideline Booklet and the Mission Ideas Flyer. If you want to dig deeper at this stage the leaflets on Evangelism Resources and Schools Work are helpful.

Your area Champion will work with you to co-ordinate how the visiting team get involved in individual events. Remember they are your events and you don’t have to have a member of the visiting team to have a successful event.

Use the Event Planning Form to help you think through objectives and plans for each event.

Get in touch with God for All Evangelism Enabler Mike Talbot if you are not sure who your Champion is via email or on 07767 763715.