Thy Kingdom Come 2017


24 hour prayer relays. Prayer pilgrimages. Mobile prayer stations. Just some of the wonderful ways in which people in Cumbria came together in prayer for the evangelisation of communities through Thy Kingdom Come in 2016.

And this year we’re hoping to see more of the same – plus some new ways – so that people feel encouraged and enabled in prayer, both individually and collectively.

Thy Kingdom Come 2017 will be different for us in Cumbria.

As we prepare for Moving Mountains 2018, we’re asking people to hold that mission in their prayers as part of this year’s event. We’ve said from the outset that this mission has got to be rooted in prayer and here is a wonderful opportunity for thousands of people to come together to do just that.

We’ll be running our week of prayer from June 4 to 11. Of course that’s not restrictive! We’re hoping that people will hold Moving Mountains in prayer, now, during the week-long prayer event and onwards, as we prepare to see people across Cumbria discover more of God and God’s purpose for their lives.

As happened last year we will be holding a day of prayer on Wednesday 7 June, offering the chance for people to pray for the evangelisation of Cumbria. With the General Election taking place the following day, it is also an opportunity to hold all those standing for Parliament in our prayers. To book a 30 minute slot in the prayer relay click on the calendar below.

People are already thinking about how they can make the most of the week of prayer. If you want ideas then please visit the associated resources page.


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