Big Reach Christmas Campaign

The big invitation

Aim: to reach 100% of 25-44 year olds in Cumbria with an invitation to attend one of their local church services through targeted radio and Facebook advertising. In order to best focus our resources, we are specifically targeting advertising at parents, although the adverts will appeal to others too. The aim is to encourage people who do not normally attend church (even at Christmas) to attend a Christmas service this year.

When: the adverts will run from 1-25 December.

Where: The whole of Cumbria. Adverts will run on CFM, covering north and west Cumbria; The Bay, covering South Lakeland and Barrow, and Lakeland Radio, covering the south lakes, with a combined audience of over 300,000 people. You can preview the adverts here:

Facebook campaign targeting 25-44 year olds across the whole of Cumbria, estimated reach 122,000 people.

What does it mean for me? You’ll already be preparing for the usual influx of visitors at Christmas, but you might wish to think about how a particularly warm welcome could be extended to anyone attending church for the very first time in response to this campaign.  When publicising your Christmas programme, you may wish to highlight which services are the most family friendly, to help people decide when to attend. You can find children’s Christmas activities in the download section, as well as the Christmas Hints & Tips guide and the campaign logo if you wish to use it on your own publicity.

If you have any ideas, or questions, contact Eleanor Ledesma, Big Reach Innovator