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Cumbria Bible Challenge

 Further Details



If you have a school group of children who would like to participate in the Cumbria Bible Challenge, read on for more details!

Firstly, please complete and return the registration form. You will need to do this so we can send you a ‘Challenge pack’ for each child. This contains a cover page (which doubles as a sticker template), the eight stickers which make up the picture, and a plastic wallet to keep everything together.

Secondly, you will need to appoint a ‘challenge checker’. The ‘challenge checker’ must be responsible for every child’s set of stickers. They should ensure that each child has completed the activity each month before awarding the corresponding sticker. It would be easiest if this person is the person delivering the lesson. (if you run it that way).

Details of the challenge are available on the Cumbria Bible Challenge welcome page. You will need to print a copy of the page for each of the children in your group. As well as the activity which they must complete, you will find extra tasks that will help the children find out more about the Gospel stories. The children’s work can be stored in their ‘Challenge Pack’ to keep everything together.

The challenges will remain live on the web page for the duration of the challenge, so don’t worry if you run behind. The children just need to have completed all 8 challenges to collect the stickers and receive their certificate.

Thirdly, instructions for each challenge have been written for the participating children to work on individually. You may like to work on some aspects of the task as a group. This is up to you.

At the end of April 2018, we will ask you for a list of names of the children that have completed the challenge, so that we can organise the certificates to be sent to you. We hope the presentation of the certificates will be done in partnership with the local church as part of a celebration event.

We hope this tells you everything you need to know, however if you would like any further information about the Cumbria Bible Challenge, please contact Emma Richardson on

Emma Richardson
Youth, Children and Family Evangelism Enabler

(Mob: 07584 684309)