Fresh Expressions

A Fresh Expression of church is a new gathering or network that engages mainly with people who have never been to church. There is no single model, but the emphasis is on starting something which is appropriate to its context, rather than cloning something that has worked elsewhere. Here in Cumbria we already have a host of different Fresh Expressions of Church, groups that are faithfully connecting people together to explore faith.  Some of them you can find on this website such as Mountain PilgrimsMaranatha Yoga or Messy Cumbria.

Developing a Fresh Expression is pretty straight forward – see a need and opportunity locally, ask if God is calling you towards it and have the courage to step out.  You will be amazed at how simple it is. The established church makes up less than 4% of the population, yet 1 in 10 Christians in Cumbria are already attending a Fresh Expression of church, and these are some of the fastest growing churches in the county. Church as we know it is great for the people it is currently engaging, but we have to recognise that as culture has shifted, the potential reach of the established church is limited. It is a myth to think Christians can reach their friends, who then reach their friends and so on, because in reality we tend to hang out with people like us. Fresh Expressions take us beyond these limits and challenges us to build community in new ways and places, to discover fresh opportunities to connect with God and one another.  You can find out more about Fresh Expressions by downloading the Fresh Expressions Guide on the right.

Fresh Expressions Cumbria Conference & Campfire events

November 2017 saw the first Fresh Expressions Cumbria Day conference, you can find slides and notes from the conference available to download on the right.

Following on from the success of the FX day we are launching regional Fresh Expression Campfires – an opportunity to chat through some of the themes that came up at the conference with like minded people.  Key discussions will be around re-thinking buildings, networking and stories, details of these events will be advertised on the Cumbria FX facebook page

SAVE THE DATE  – our next Fresh Expressions Conference will be held this year on Saturday 10th November 2018.