Pouring Out God’s Love – Gill Grisedale


Dave Roberts, Diocese of Carlisle Communications Manager

Meet Gill Grisedale, a Community Pastor at St Mark’s Church in Barrow-in-Furness.
She stepped out in faith, gave up her previous job and is now working for the church in one of Cumbria’s most deprived parishes.

​From lunch clubs to clothes banks and knit-and-natter drop-in sessions for community groups, Gill is helping outreach right across the parish.
Gill says: “I pray to God each day to use me and make His brew inside me and then I’ve just got to go out there in the community and pour out that brew. I don’t have to worry about saying the right thing or the wrong thing because if it;’s God-centred and I just let God pour it out then it will just be perfect.”
From the Munchie Mark’s lunch Club through to the Musical Mark’s Community Choir, Gill – through God – is reaching out with love.

Watch the film below to see how God is working through Gill as she helps some of those most in need.

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