The sound of broken pots accompanied one of the experiences at the Fresh Expressions Cumbria gathering on the 10th November, as we were led in a session based on a local cafe church in Brough. This was just one of the local stories we heard over the course of the day, also hearing about a food initiative on the West Coast, a school Eucharist in rural Eskdale and a spot of clothes sorting with Carlisle OpShops. With additional theological input and some fantastic poetry from Ruth Wells, and insight and a Shhhh experience from Andy Freeman from Space to Breathe, it was a great day. In the afternoon there was a reflective session based on the temptation of Christ looking at three themes: Resisting the Power to possess, the power to provide and the power to perform, for which we created 3 self-led small group resources: ‘people not products’, ‘with not for’ and ‘serving not performing’. These were well received and as such we are pleased to offer these out as a resource, if you are interested please email Richard Passmore. In the evening we had a smaller gathering for pioneers, poetry and pie! If you’d like to know more about Fresh Expressions Cumbria please email Richard, or join our Cumbria Fresh Expressions Facebook Group.

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