Constructive Coach & Friend

As we look to help grow and develop Mission Communities across the county, there’s an understanding that support structures must be in place to enable this.

A series of workshops have already been held with a further residential due to take place for the first tranche of CCFs to have been signed up.

A network of Constructive Coach and Friends (CCF) is being set up as part of this process. A CCF may play a number of different roles, but the primary focus is to help sharpen and ensure a missional focus. This may include:

  • as theologian, helping the team to handle the theological issues confronting it, and to open its eyes to other possibilities in their own task;
  • as group consultant, assisting the Mission Community to interact creatively and positively by understanding internal dynamics, coming to terms with differences and helping individuals feel valued;
  • as management consultant, enabling the Mission Community to monitor its progress in relation to the original aims and objectives, and to set new ones;
  • as a cultural observer, helping the Mission Community understand the shifting cultural context nationally and locally and develop appropriate responses;
  • as a critical friend, helping each Mission Community frame the key transitions, e.g. buildings, vocations, ministry, etc. continue to be nurtured and developed through a mission lens;
  • as a coach enabling reflection and helping the Mission Community to move forward creatively in a post-Christian cultural context.

For more information about the role of CCFs please contact Colin Ashurst.