Church at Christmas

For the past two years, through radio and online advertising, we have invited hundreds of thousands of our fellow Cumbrians to join us at church at Christmas (well over 75% of the population). 
This year we build on this awareness raising campaign, by continuing to place radio adverts on CFM, Heart and Smooth, and by running a facebook advertising campaign. The radio adverts have been refreshed and can be sampled here.

What does this mean for me?

You may wish to think about how you advertise your church services.  Is your website up to date, and have you highlighted which services are most suitable for families? You could make use of the Church at Christmas logo and branding to integrate your publicity with the Cumbria-wide marketing.

You may wish to think about how you can offer an especially warm welcome to families new to church. What could you do to make the church experience particularly special for children?

When new people attend a service, how do you plan to develop a relationship with them? Do you have a family event in the New Year that you could invite them to? Are there any family-focussed Fresh Expressions or do you have a local Messy Church you could tell them about? Many churches ask congregation members to make a point of welcoming and chatting with new people at Christmas.

If you have any ideas or comments, please get in touch with Eleanor.

Eleanor Ledesma

Big Reach Innovator


Youth, Children and Families


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