The Campaign

Eleanor Ledesma

Big Reach Innovator


The campaign is targeted at families with young children, but it has broader appeal too. It’s believed that people need to see a message at least three times in order to act on it – so the campaign offers multiple ways for people to hear the invitation to join us at church this Christmas.


Through radio advertising, we aim to reach almost 300,000 people. You can listen to the adverts below. There are two versions – one with a Mum and the other with a Dad. The adverts will air on Heart, Smooth and CFM from 1-25 December. We will also be advertising on Digital Audio Exchange, reaching online radio and podcast listeners, through streaming services such as Deezer and SoundCloud.

Facebook and YouTube advertising

The Church at Christmas film will be promoted to approximately 180,000 people through Facebook and Youtube advertising. You can view the film on the Facebook page. Click here.


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