Your Church

Church isn’t just for Sunday mornings; it’s there when you need it.

That’s the message behind a year-long Big Reach radio campaign, which aims to build on the Church at Christmas campaign in re-positioning church at the centre of the community.

Churches work tirelessly to demonstrate God’s love through providing services and support for their local communities.

The Your Church campaign aims to shine a spotlight on this area of the church’s mission, so that more people seek out the support and friendship of their local church.

Through five different radio adverts, the campaign will help to put church at the front of people’s minds, and to challenge some of the negative stereotypes people might have about church.

The adverts are being broadcast on all three commercial radio stations in Cumbria – Heart, Smooth, and CFM.

Eleanor Ledesma

Big Reach Innovator


​You can listen to and download the adverts here:
Young wedding couple
Bereaved man
Messy Church Mum
Youth club girl

You can download the logo here:
Your Church logo
Your Church logo with strapline

There is a Facebook page, which serves as an interim landing page for the campaign, and it is hoped a more complete webpage might be launched should the campaign prove a success.

If you have any questions, please contact Eleanor Ledesma at