The Abbey Way of Life

Our aim is to develop a rhythm of practices that empower us to live well and to connect more deeply with God and to connect God with the whole of our lives. The emphasis is very much on real life application rather than purely theoretical beliefs, with a focus on everyday actions that collectively, can change us over a lifetime.  

This Way of Life is based on the teachings and life of Jesus Christ, using a set of guidelines to help us understand what this looks like in our time and setting. It enables us to progress on our life journey and to keep on track if we start to wander off the way.  

​The way of life will look different for each of us, with different emphases on different areas and an understanding that, as individuals, we may not visit every place on the ‘map’.

The Way of Life is based on 10 elements that make up a framework to help us understand what being a disciple of Jesus looks like in our time and setting. The ten elements are:

  • Journeying Together– sharing the ups and downs of our journey of faith
  • Uncovering Truth– by wrestling with the Bible, experiencing Creation and learning from others
  • Developing Rhythms– of prayer, work and rest, to live a God shaped life
  • Hearing God’s Voice– and being open to His Spirit – in the everyday
  • Being Good News– as God’s witness in action and word
  • Cherishing Creation– by celebrating and caring for it in intimate connection
  • Living Simply– to be more free with time, money and attention to God
  • Praying for Good– to overcome evil and bring in the Kingdom of God on Earth
  • Healing What is Broken– including ourselves, other people, relationships, creation and society
  • Building Unity– by focussing on what we have in common and listening to others

This framework is an adaptation of the 10 ‘waymarks’ described in Simon Reed’s book, ‘Followers of The Way’, to which we are greatly indebted. Adopting a Way of Life is an iterative, lifelong process, so it takes time – a lifetime in fact!  That means we can’t do it all at once and it’s probably best to choose a few specific things each week.

The culture is one of working out our journey of faith together, where any question can be asked without hesitation. The end goal is grow as people, to become more like Jesus Christ, and the outcome of that is leading better lives. Lives that are more loving, more just, more peaceful, more restorative and more God-shaped.

“Stand at the crossroads and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”

Jeremiah: 6:16