Young Leaders Labyrinth

What is the Labyrinth?

The Labyrinth is a learning pathway for young people and has 3 levels:


Young leaders complete 12 A-Z cards which are used to explore different themes with a youth leader either in small groups or one to one. Young leaders will also need to complete a Take Away activity, serve in their local context and attend the Young Leaders Labyrinth residential. Links for use with cards can be found here.


The remainder of the A-Z cards will be completed. Young leaders are given the chance to broaden their skills by volunteering in a different region supported by Network Youth Church Leaders and other youth projects.  Young leaders will engage with two activities one regional and one local and will still be serving in their local context and attend an Away Day. Regional opportunities can be found here.


Young leaders put their leadership skills into practice by taking the lead at a countywide event or developing and being the main lead for an on-going project in their own context.

On completion of each level certificates are given.

Each level of the labyrinth is designed so that a young leader can engage at their own pace. The Labyrinth has been developed by Network Youth Church but can be used by anyone working with young people in various contexts.

​For more details about the labyrinth please contact your local Network Youth Worker – their details can be found here or if you’d like to sign up for the labyrinth please download, print, read and complete the …