Challenge Checker Instructions

Thank you for agreeing to be the Cumbria Bible Challenge Checker in your school.

These instructions aim to help you to understand the role of the Challenge Checker and the challenge for each child.

Children must complete all eight activities – a new one will be set each month. For each completed activity a sticker will be awarded by the Challenge Checker. The stickers will make up part of a bigger picture and upon completion reveal the whole image.

The Challenge Checker is responsible for every child’s set of stickers. They need to ensure that each child has completed the activity each month and then award the corresponding sticker. The numbers can be found on the back of the stickers to help with the matching process.

The Challenge Checker doesn’t need to be the Year 3 teacher, but communication between both must be clear.

Upon completion, the Challenge Checker, or specified contact person, will need to print out certificates and liaise with the local clergy, where appropriate, to discuss appropriate presentation of the certificates.

If you need any further information please contact Sarah Hulme.