Making It Happen

God for All builds on each denomination’s commitment to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

This section – Making it happen – details the guidelines which have been drawn up to empower church communities to move forward with new forms of outreach, the formation of mission communities and to consider the best use for our buildings for mission.

As the God for All journey continues, so this section will expand accordingly. The Strategy Steering Group has identified key markers when new information will be delivered to enable the next stage of God for All.

There is an opportunity to feed in comments and suggestions as to how God for All can best develop. This website allows that to happen. All feedback received through the website’s contact resource will be carefully considered as we look to ensure that good ideas and best practice is adopted in all that is done to facilitate God for All.

As we move from praying and planning stage to implementation, there are already important documents available to help in these initial stages which are available in this section.