Mission Communities Leadership Criteria

Mission communities and the local churches within them will, of course, need leaders.

But what form will that leadership take? There’s already been consultation with ordained ministers from across all three denominations as to what models of leadership could be adopted.

The documents below – Models of Leadership for Mission Communities and Local Leadership Roles – reflect those discussions and focus on the need to obtain a clear understanding and agreement about the style and intentionality of leadership.

For instance, there’s an expectation that a mission community would be overseen by a leadership team, though a mission community leader will hold individual accountability.

Naturally, this is only the beginning of the leadership appointment process. The documents below expand on key elements of leadership roles. More detailed job description criteria will be made available within this section.

The first commissioning service for a mission community has been held in Cumbria. And here we speak to the newly-appointed mission community leader Rev’d Tricia Rogers about her role.