Mission Communities

Churches all over Cumbria are joining together, forming Mission Communities with the common aim to grow God’s Kingdom.

A Mission Community is a cluster of ecumenical churches who commit to working together to make God for All a reality in their community. This includes how to use their combined resources (buildings, people, established connections) for mission and outreach.

Each mission community has mission at its heart. That is reflected in the role of the mission community leader, local church leaders and everyone in the church.

Strategic Development Officers (SDO’s) are available to help you work through the process of establishing a mission community, and functioning as one. The SDO’s provide a wealth of knowledge about the ‘how to…’ in mission communities and can help with insight and resources from other mission community learning.

Listed below are resources to help your mission community:

Archways document A more detailed document explaining the steps your mission community will need to go through to get from launch to commissioning.

Mission Community Leadership – Models of leadership, appointing a mission community leader, local church leaders.

Mission Action Planning – How to do this in a mission community context, how to create a community profile.

Mission Community Budgets – A document to help you budget as a mission community and review finances together.

Buildings Strategy – An overview of considerations for long-term sustainable of use of church buildings for mission. Plus a countywide perspective on the future of church buildings.