New Monasticism

New Monasticism is where a group of people commit to sharing life together, creating shared practices and rhythms inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus in order to build a common life together. Each week might look like: making time to share meals together, praying or meditating together, hanging out together, growing food. It also means having a mission above and beyond the immediate community including those who might easily be overlooked or who are struggling.

Chris Harwood, Pioneer Enabler working with Restore (formally known as OpShops), has developed six booklets around the theme of New Monasticism: Hospitality, Simplicity, Peace, Resistance &  Prayer. These, along with an introductory booklet, are available to download from this page. 

Chris and his family use their home in Carlisle as a hospitality house. Working with Restore, Chris runs men in sheds, community allotment, community dinners and is forming a new monastic community around the practices above. He is also wanting to encourage and support other groups in forming small communities of Jesus followers. So if you are interested in New Monasticism, or finding out what it’s all about, contact Chris at

Download the booklets by clicking below: