Profile: Vocations Development Officer


An introduction to the Rev’d Peter Clement, newly appointed Vocations Development Officer and Director of Ordinands for the Diocese of Carlisle.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am married and a father of three children. I have been involved in encouraging vocations and discernment for ordained ministry for over 10 years now, and I love the work. Helping people to discover who they are and what God is calling them to be and to do is wonderful work! I also love walking and am looking forward to coming to Cumbria to do some more walking in the hills.


What will your new role as Vocations Development Officer and Director of Ordinands entail?

I will be involved in setting up teams of people who can help church members to discover how God is calling them to live out their Christian lives, and to reflect God’s love in all that they do. It is about people fulfilling their God given potential.


What do you think about the God for All vision?

I am excited about the God for All vision because it allows us to work across denominations. I was brought up as a Methodist, and trained for ordained ministry at a college in Birmingham with both Methodist and URC colleagues; it soon became clear during training that there was very little, if anything, that separated us. So working together is what we should be doing, let’s ¬†get on with it, after all Jesus prayed that we might be one.


Where does your new role fit within God for All?

Some of my role will be working with those who want to be ordained in the Church of England, but another part will be working with a team to encourage all Christians in Cumbria to explore what God is calling them to do. This fits in to God for All, and it is exciting, ground breaking work that other parts of the Church will be watching, because so often Christians hide behind denominational divisions, but we will be crossing historical divides and I expect that as we step out in faith, God will bless us in ways we had never expected.


What does it mean for you to know God in your life?

Knowing God in my life is central to who I am and what I try to be. The theologian Thomas Merton said that the big questions we need to face in life are “who am I, and who is God?” He said that our real identities are found only when we find God. I think that is very exciting, because it means that the path to true self discovery is not selfish and individualistic, but is all about discovering God and I think we can only do that with any integrity, as part of a Christian community. God for All is about discovering God as part of a wide Christian community in Cumbria, so I am privileged to be given the opportunity to join you on this journey.