Reach Team Contacts

Here are contact details for all those members of the Reach team you may need to speak with.

Eleanor Ledesma

BigReach Innovator

“Big Reach is about reaching people who think God and church are totally irrelevant. These are not the people at the edge of our churches, who might occasionally come to church or attend a special event, but the people who would not entertain the idea of attending church in any form. My job is to use modern mass marketing strategies to get the Christian message to these people where they are. This might be in their pubs, clubs and town centres, or it might be in the places they visit online, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  The ‘Big’ element of Big Reach refers to mass marketing – this is about reaching as many people as possible across Cumbria in a targeted way. It doesn’t meant scaling up church-based events or initiatives (which is covered by a different part of Reach strategy) but rather reaching people where they are as a starting point on their Christian journey. I hope you’ll agree that this is an exciting part of the overall God for All strategy.”


Evangelism Enabler

07767 763715

“The God for All Vision of reaching everyone in Cumbria by 2020 to offer them an opportunity of discovering more of God and His purpose for their lives is a big, and exciting, challenge that calls for us to think in new ways about how we communicate the gospel story through our existing church communities and in our daily lives. If you would like to talk through possibilities, explore resources or work together on what that might look like in your context, do get in touch.”

richard passmore 2

Richard Passmore

Fresh Expressions Enabler

07823 415816

“Fresh Expressions is about finding new ways to be and do church with people who would not normally connect with church or Christians. It starts with listening to what is or isn’t happening in the community, prayer and a bit of imagination. So if you have an idea about what might be needed, or feel called to something fresh but don’t know where to start, do get in touch.”

Sarah Hulme 2

Sarah Hulme

Youth, Children and Family Evangelism Enabler

07584 684310

“Please get in touch with me if you would like any input around thinking, exploring & developing all things Youth, Children and Family relating to ‘God for All’. I’m here to have my brain picked, offer resources, help you scheme and dream, and point you in the direction of other inspiring people wanting to make the most of every connection, relationship and encounter. I’m here too to discover where God is already at work with YC&F in our communities and see how we can join in; making sure that by 2020 God for All becomes a reality amongst our young people, children & families.”

Emma Richardson 2

Emma Richardson

Youth, Children and Family Evangelism Enabler

07584 684309

“If you are excited by the idea of all children, young people and families in Cumbria (and those who visit too) drawing closer to God and into a Christian community then I hope you get in touch and together we can explore how we can turn this idea into a reality. How we can do ‘church’ better, how we can be ‘church’ anywhere and how we can share what it means to be ‘church’ with everyone are all areas I would love to explore with you. G4All – that means you too – I hope you’ll get in touch and join in…..”