Maranatha Yoga

Maranatha Yoga: for seekers, for travellers, for the curious

Maranatha Yoga is an emerging community of people who want to explore what it means to connect body, mind and spirit through a combination of yoga postures, mantra and meditation. Based on Christian Spirituality, Maranatha Yoga is open to all, no matter what their beliefs or background. This is a friendly, relaxed and open space, where you can be yourself alongside others exploring what it means to connect with all parts of our human experience: our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, our spiritual selves.

Each time we gather together we will be guided through a series of postures and movements inspired by the spiritual texts, the purpose of which is to harmonise and unite us for a period of silence together in meditation. Maranatha is an Aramaic phrase ‘Come Lord’, this simple mantra is used to focus the mind and connect body, mind and spirit. This offers a space to disconnect from hectic lifestyles and reconnect with ourselves. Participants can work through the movements within their own capabilities, and engage with the mantra and meditation as they feel comfortable.

We want to build community and getting to know one another will be part of the journey. As such we do not charge a fee for you to join in with Maranatha Yoga gatherings, but ask instead that participants contribute a small donation to cover costs.

Maranatha Yoga is open to all over eighteen years of age and is for mixed abilities, including absolute beginners.

Maranatha Yoga is facilitated by Christine Pickering who has been a practitioner of Hatha Yoga for 42 years, a trainer of yoga teachers, a trained Spiritual Director and a member of the World Community for Christian Meditation.

For details of Maranatha Yoga gatherings please click on the downloadable pdf document, see our website or join our group on Facebook.