The Aim

God for All builds on the prayers, planning and work completed across churches in Cumbria over the past five years, emphasising mission at the heart of what we do. There’s been a focus on developing strategies for future ministry, outreach and buildings; all to grow disciples. God for All draws this together. It is the ecumenical banner which describes the vision for helping everyone in Cumbria discover more of God and God’s purpose for their lives. It brings together the different facets of each denomination’s commitment to grow disciples and draws on existing partnerships between the Anglican, Methodist Church, United Reformed Church and the Salvation Army.

  • God for All calls for change. Traditional models of church are still important but together we must explore new styles and expression of church, and ways of serving and witnessing to our communities.
  • God for All promotes unity. Through inter-denominational work, churches will come together in new mission communities – creating networks of support, encouragement and growth.
  • God for All has purpose. Everyone should have the chance to discover more of God and His purpose for their lives and church communities should feel emboldened and enlivened at the prospect of sharing in this.
  • God for All looks long term. Through new forms of outreach, new mission-focused workers and consideration of the best use of our buildings, God for All is about the future.
  • God for All has direction. The Strategy Steering Group’s work to resource, support and communicate will ensure mission is at the centre of all we do for the next five years and beyond.