The Process and Timeline

God for All draws together different ideas and plans. It draws on work to develop strategies for Outreach, Ministry and Buildings and none can be viewed in isolation. All three areas are irrevocably interlinked and have a direct impact on the others.

There are no definite deadlines by which time all this will be completed. Some things will happen quickly and some things will take time, because they are complicated and wide-ranging. Although these things cannot be rushed nevertheless they are urgent – partly because the renewal of the church should not wait, and partly because we desire more people to come to know God in their life.

Over the next 12 months, much work will be undertaken to enable churches across Cumbria to create mission communities. These will create networks of mutual support and encouragement but must also demonstrate an engagement in genuine pioneering ministry.

By the end of 2015 it is forecast that new appointments will have been made to enable fresh expressions of church and new forms of outreach to be explored.

And it is vital that church communities continue to talk with each other, to plan and to pray as we look to grow disciples through God for All.

There’s an understanding and acceptance that the creation of mission communities will happen at different speeds across the county. But that creates positive learning opportunities for us all.

God for All has a definite aim and shape although the process is not prescriptive.