100 Days of Listening

Thank you to everyone who has joined together in the countywide 100 Days of Prayer for our Vision Refresh. It is really encouraging to know that  so many people have taken their prayers to God about the next steps for God for All.

And now – as we explained at the start of this time of prayer – it’s time for us to listen! We want to hear what God has placed on your heart about the best way forward. 

So how are we going to do this? Over the next 100 days – taking us up to Christmas Day – individuals and groups across our ecumenical county have an opportunity to review the current strategic plan, identifying and prioritising the revisions they feel are needed to continue to grow God’s Kingdom from 2020 to 2025.

Everyone will have the opportunity to feed in their thoughts and answers to prayer via an online survey. And we’ve prepared a suggested workshop (with supporting documentation) which leaders can run locally in order to gather as wide a response as possible.

Please use the resources below to feed in your thoughts to the listening process!

100 Days of Listening Resources

Vision Refresh Survey

Click here to complete an online survey about the God for All Vision Refresh.

Strategic Development Officers

Mission Community Leadership

Mission Action Planning