100 Days of Prayer

Over the last five years the God for All vision and strategy has given so much to our communities, not least a culture change towards mission. The current strategy period comes to an end in 2020 and so we need to explore what comes next.

There is much to build on from God for All, so there’s no need for a completely new vision, rather a vision refresh. Together our churches need to work out what this looks like: those congregations that meet up mountains, in schools, in community centres, and in church buildings. 

So it’s only right that we begin a process of listening, discernment and discovery in prayer. The invitation asks everyone to spend time over 100 days – from Pentecost Sunday June 9 to Tuesday September 17 – praying and listening to God. There’s no template for this. It’s not another ‘initiative’. Just pray! 

Prayer cards are to be distributed in the coming weeks and a monthly prayer diary will reflect the joint commitment to prayer. But feel free to pray in your time and in your own way. 

100 days of prayer will be followed by 100 days of listening – from September 18 to Christmas Day – listening to God, to each other, to our churches and communities. Above all, we pray that God will lead and guide his people in Cumbria as together we seek to find his vision focus for this ecumenical county – for 2020 and beyond. ​

Prayer Resources

And as we walk together in our mission journey to bring the reality of God to everyone in Cumbria, so the God for All prayer draws on faith, love, gifting and empowering.
​As we join together in 100 Days of Prayer we hope you find inspiration from the God for All Vision Refresh Prayer.