Prayer Wall

As together we join in 100 Days of Prayer, so we would invite you to add to this special Prayer Wall. Please tell us what is on your heart as we seek God’s guidance for our vision refresh. Send your prayer by emailing here.

Dear Lord, Thank you for reminding us of the importance of praying for our local schools. We pray for the six Year 6 children who took part in our Mothers’ Union meeting at Westnewton on Thursday.  May they read the Scripture Union tracts they were given ” Jesus = A friend for ever” and discover lasting friendship with you Lord Jesus.

We pray that we might put prayer first in all our lives and know the value of silence.
That we might help to heal the divisions in our communities. That we might live in confidence and hope as Christ’s disciples

​I pray that people in Cumbria may find in Christ the way, the truth and the life.

​Can we pray for those who are ‘hidden’ in our county: the isolated, the lonely, the homeless, those trapped in slavery, and pray that we open our eyes and hearts to see them.

Lord Jesus, May we be in beat with your heart for the world. May we be in step with your walk in the world. May we be in tune with your voice in the world. May we have your heart, walk your way, speak your word, To all created in the image of God. To all creation. Today. Amen

Father God, I pray for your church in Cumbria as we move forward in our mission to bring the knowledge of your love and grace to all. Keep us steadfast, Lord and grant that our hearts and minds are united in the hope and surety of your strength upon which we rely. Guide our leaders both ordained and lay so that your will be done. Now and forever. Amen.

Father, thank you for always being ready to hear our prayers, and thank you for always answering them in a way that is best for us.  Help us now to listen as we seek your guidance and direction; and please grant that as we listen together, we may be drawn closer to each other and to you. Amen.

May we recognise your loving presence among us.

​Help us be aware of your Presence with us each day. Show us how to love and care for the vulnerable in our society. Show us how to share Jesus with others.

Generous God, touch us again with the fire of your Spirit and renew in us all the grace and love you offer to us. May that deep holiness of heart shine from us in the way we live and act as your community in Cumbria.

That everyone may have the experience of the love and presence of God and know it and value it for what it is.

​That we may find spiritual inspiration in our special landscape.

We pray that Christians in Cumbria may work together for the Kingdom.

My prayer for those seeking high office would focus on Leadership rather than on being the Leader; that which focuses on matters beyond the leader ‘himself’, one that Serves the people with humility and enables flourishing. This is no less than Vocation as a call to serve turns personal conviction into action which is for the common good having first faced and overcome the desire for power, prestige and accumulation of personal wealth. In summary: Where poverty of Spirit meets poverty of need – there is love. Peace and all Good.

Holy One, you are the source of life, and love, and of all that is, you are the holder of the map of our lives. We give thanks that you 
have led us on the journey of God for All together. Show us the next squares of the map, equip us for the journey, whatever the contours hold for us, whatever challenges lie ahead. Help us to remember that you are beside us always, guiding our feet and pointing the way. In the name of the Risen One we pray, Amen.  

Strategic Development Officers

Mission Community Leadership

Mission Action Planning