What’s Happening

God for All provides great opportunities for us all.

There is an opportunity for people to explore more of God and what He wants from their lives. There is an opportunity to grow together through God’s grace and guidance. There is an opportunity for everyone to learn and embrace new skills and to use existing gifts to God’s glory.

And there’s an opportunity to learn from one another and support one another.

We will be keeping this section of the website up to date with all the latest news and events which are taking place across Cumbria as we work towards the God for All objective.

As the first mission communities are formed so we will hear from those people involved at a local level. There’ll be valuable personal feedback as to what’s worked well and where the sticking points have been. And all of this will prove invaluable for others on the same journey.

We will feed this back through the Latest News sections as well as the Our Story sections on the God for All website.